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This is the New Inbound Marketing

It would be difficult to overstate just how game-changing inbound marketing has been for the marketing industry-and for brands at large. Powered by the emergence and popularity of social media platforms, which in turn gave rise to a more empowered and informed consumer, the shift from “outbound” to inbound marketing meant that brands had to prioritize value-adding content and connection over direct response tactics.

Hayden’s Insight

The fact that consumers are in danger of being inundated by content from brands, does imply that your content efforts need to be both timely and relevant, in order to shift through the noise. Positioning oneself as a thought leader will provide a competitive edge but your inbound marketing efforts will go unrewarded if your social properties cant amplify your authoritative tone of voice.

Consumers will buy into your thought leadership by incorporating your personal experiences in your subject matter. Check out the video below to wrap your head around this emerging concept.

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My name is Hayden Richards. You already know that building a company to grow and scale isn’t easy, and from our experience the biggest reasons why companies succeed is a combination of a process, identifying key drivers, where you want to go, and how to get there. I can help with that. I'm a highly motivated and passionate marketing leader with experience across a broad range of global brands, including Financial Services, Blockchain, Manufacturing and eCommerce.

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The history of BreakingNew is deeply rooted in Inbound. We have grown and adapted alongside it. When it comes to campaigns, content, workflows, email nurturing, social media, and much more...

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Inbound marketing is digital marketing.  It’s the process of helping customers find you online, and not the other way around.  Let us help you Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

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