How to do SEO in Foreign Markets

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SEO in foreign markets – 3 important things you don’t want to get wrong

If you are targeting foreign markets on your website, there are some technical aspects, that are crucial to have in place. Especially if you are using a generic domain name like Read more about how to set up your website for targeting foreign markets here.

Things to consider:

Use Google Analytics to find out which languages are already bringing traffic to your website

Find out where your competitors and industry leaders already have achieved success

Use Google Trends to find out which countries search the most for you key industry keywords 

Questions to ask:

Is location a factor that influences my web operations?
Is there enough traffic and conversions to target each country?

Dont do this!

Don’t use scripts or cookies to show different international versions of your website on the same URL.

According to Neil Patel:

” The basics of international SEO is a full SEO process that needs research and analysis to select the best way to target your international audience and then correctly implement the targeting, taking your own business, technical and content characteristics, and restrictions into consideration. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve your international SEO goals.”

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