5 Steps for Launching An Inbound Marketing Plan

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The 5 Steps for Launching An Inbound Marketing Plan

This post is for any organization considering diving in to inbound marketing – head first or just to “test the waters” – but isn’t quite sure what to expect when it comes to implementation.


  1. Set goals and KPIs
  2. Define and document your ideal customer profile and target personas; define their buyers’ journeys
  3. Conduct SEO research and develop a content strategy; blog and create downloadable content
  4. Get your website inbound-ready
  5. Set up social media accounts and profiles

Regardless of your business type making the switch from traditional, outbound dominated marketing programs to inbound dominated marketing investments can seem like a leap of faith, but the benefits are indisputable. According to Hubspot:

“The sooner you can put this plan into action, the sooner you will be reaping the rewards of inbound marketing – more leads, at a lower cost, generated by a completely scaleable strategy”.

My name is Hayden Richards. You already know that building a company to grow and scale isn’t easy, and from our experience the biggest reasons why companies succeed is a combination of a process, identifying key drivers, where you want to go, and how to get there. I can help with that. I'm a highly motivated and passionate marketing leader with experience across a broad range of global brands, including Financial Services, Blockchain, Manufacturing and eCommerce.

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The history of BreakingNew is deeply rooted in Inbound. We have grown and adapted alongside it. When it comes to campaigns, content, workflows, email nurturing, social media, and much more...

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Inbound marketing is digital marketing.  It’s the process of helping customers find you online, and not the other way around.  Let us help you Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

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